My name is Tay :3
22. Witch. Artist. Teaologist. Writer.
Echelon. Teen Wolf. Pacific Rim.
I was a Queen in a past life and a gypsy in another.  photo button12_zps083a54bd.gif

When my friend told me she thought of people as flowers I couldn’t help but wonder

what happened to me?

But then it came back, the way he gripped me so tight that my petals were crushed

The way she picked up the remnants of me only to break my stem.

I remembered so clearly that I bloomed only to be smothered and when I was left to grow again I did not peek out from under the soil to enjoy the sun

No, I crawled up through hardened lava rock and felt the sear of fire on my flesh. My petals became cut glass and my stem was made of steel.


in their shared frees they go to the school boundary, just next to the woods, and ”””study””’ (although sometimes they do have to study, because of all the ””studying”’ they’d been doing)
gosh darn I miss S1 (sorry the background is so rubbish aha I ran out of ideas) 


destined for greatness or madness by Godbriel